2013 NOP Update Training: Seeds, Seedlings and Planting Stock

2013 NOP Update Training: Seeds, Seedlings and Planting Stock
Jonathan - Thu Feb 06, 2014 @ 07:11PM
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In 2013, the USDA issued Guidance 5029 with guidance on the requirements for certified operations and certifiers on reviewing compliance with the USDA National Organic Program regulations regarding the use of organic seeds, annual seedlings, and planting stock. 

The following PowerPoint presentation summarizes this guidance document and serves as a good review of the requirements for Seeds, Seedlings, and Planting Stock under the USDA National Organic Program regulations.  The PowerPoint presentation includes a quiz with answers to test your knowledge. 

Americert International staff and inspectors should review the presentation, which is linked here.

After reviewing, staff and contractors should complete the training affirmation located here and email, fax, or mail it in to the Americert office. 

Comments: 34


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