USDA NOP Organic Materials Review

Americert International provides input review services for manufacturers of agricultural inputs to ensure that they meet the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program to be used in organic agriculture or organic handling. Certified organic growers and handlers can use the Americert International Organic Inputs Review Registry to identify products reviewed by Americert International as allowed for use in organic agriculture or handling.

Note: Growers and handlers should always advise their certifier in advance, before using any input, to receive certifier approval, before using any product, from any source. Not all certifiers will automatically accept the listing on the Americert registry as sufficient proof of an input's acceptability. Contact your certifier to see if they do.

To learn more about the Organic Inputs Review Registry, please review our program fact sheet.

To receive the most recent copy of the registry, contact Americert.

For manufacturers or distributors of the inputs to be reviewed for registry listing, please read the program fact sheet (above), then use the following forms to apply for registry approval:

1. Registry Listing Request.

2. Registry Review Contract.

3. Registry Review Affidavit.

Fees are due prior to commencement of the registry review process. Once submitted, there are no refunds of registry review fees, including for products which are deemed non-approvable and products withdrawn from the review process at the request of the applicant.




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